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Your favorite drawn and printed as a queen or king. 🐶👑🐱

Now choose which product you want to weigh with Her Majesty.

Professor Pericles already has his personalized Royal Canvas 😍
Professor Pericles already has his personalized Royal Canvas 😍

Ideal also as an original gift for pet owners. 🎁

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Our personalized collection for royal pets.

You also get to live in a nobleman’s castle and serve him? Then you can pay your monarch the respect he deserves with our Print Pet Royal collection. All portraits are hand-drawn and then assembled onto one of the desired templates. The choices are: King or Queen. Then we print the portraits on your desired products, currently the following high-quality products are available: Canvas, treat bag, phone cases (iPhone & Samsung), as well as a bundle with the most popular products.

Our Nobel Paws – we draw more than just dogs, cats and horses.

Whether rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, mice, raccoons, pet birds or hamsters – all no problem for our professional graphic artists, we draw a unique portrait for each animal. With the unique products for children and babies from Print Pet you also have an original gift idea that will please every pet lover.